ivan-aristeguieta-photo-043Ivan has developed 2 inspirational keynote speeches loaded with humour:

“Are They in the Mood for Your Message?”

In a world full of distractions is very hard to get people to listen to you. Stand Up comedians have developed great Listen-To-Me techniques and tricks throughout the years.

In this keynote Ivan will help you to improve your communication skills by using the Behind-The-Scenes tricks of Stand Up Comedy so you can get your customers, employees or audience members ready and keen to listen to you.

“From Culture Shock To Culture Growth”

We are constantly meeting new people, different people. When we meet someone new, we take a journey into a new world with different values, different culture, different history and different ways of putting vegemite on the toast. Ivan Aristeguieta will share with you his experience from living and working in three different countries in the past ten years and being a successful stand up comedian performing comedy in two different countries and in two different languages.

He will show the audience how they can adapt to new environments and connect with their new team members, clients or fellow citizens by changing perspectives, earning trust and sharing culture so they can improve their relations and make the most out of situations of change.