“Thanks so much for helping us source Ivan Aristeguieta as our comedy relief for Best & Fairest Presentations and Awards Night at Blackwood Football Club.  Ivan was well received by the crowd, he was very funny and had us all in stitches.  He was very generous with his time and given the chance I will definitely recommend him.  We look forward to keeping in touch with Pickstar and using your services again”.

“Had the audience in uproars of laughter”. 

“Literally danced onto the stage and into our hearts”.

“The Latino comedian with a hilarious view on life in Australia”.

“Every single insight felt fresh, newfangled and faultlessly funny”.

“Ivan spoke to our club, the Rotary Club of Adelaide South. For a guy who has only been here for 2 1/2 years the only thing lost in pronunciation was his surname, and that was by us. He certainly has mastered language. He even managed to give Vegemite the Japanese taste description “umami”. Despite describing it as salty plastic. The club enjoyed his humour and his gentle nudge at our life style. I am sure we would all have him back to talk to us again”.

“We booked Ivan to perform at our Race Day. It’s an important event for us and Ivan was exactly what we needed – he had all our guests in stitches! Very funny guy with hilarious insights into Australian culture. He’s got a great personality and is a real pro to work with. We’d highly recommend him to anyone looking for a top level comedian. He’s a legend!”.

“Ivan’s stand up comedy at our RSB Charity dinner was an absolute hit. Most guests commented on how funny he was and that it was a refreshing change to have someone so funny at a fundraising event. Ivan’s comedy was the highlight of the event and not only did it assist us in achieving out fundraising goals but also ensured the guests had a great night. I would not hesitate in recommending Ivan for an event and I encourage you to go see one of his life stand up shows”.

“Ivan presented his stand up comedy ‘routine’ at my Rotary Club –www.RotaryAdelaideWest.org. But it was anything but ‘routine’. Ivan’s comedy comes with a message for Business Owners and in particular anyone selling a service or a product.

His presentation was titled “Are your clients In The Mood?”.

Ivan uses his skills of stand up comedy to demonstrate how business’ sales teams need to be aware of the need to get their ‘potential client’ in the mood to receive the sales pitch. If the client’s mindset is elsewhere, the sales pitch is likely to be ineffective.

Ivan’s message is insightful and clever. He’s very funny to observe, but you suddenly realise by the end of his presentation that their was a very pertinent message being delivered!

All of this from a man who only a couple of years ago moved to Australia. English is his second language BUT you would NEVER know it. His ability to pick up on ‘Australian Slang / Culture / Inuendo’ is astounding. Beyond just dealing with the language barriers.

Rotary hopes Ivan will be a regular visitor back to Rotary. Very inspiring!

Any business hiring Ivan to present to their team will be glad they did!”

“I have been fortunate enough to work and see Ivan perform on a number of occasions, it is rare that a comedian is suited to the smoky haze of a comedy lounge and the bright lights of the corporate stage, however somehow this guy can pull it off! His humour is incredibly funny and appropriate for all demographics, I look forward to working with Ivan again and again, he is a complete professional and would be a fantastic addition to any event”.

“… everyone should keep an eye on this tenacious guy that wants to entertain Australia from his Latino’s point of view. You won’t regret it!”

“…he has a masterful grip on not only the two languages, but also his comedy and his audience”.

“…Give this man citizenship – as he’s sure to have more to contribute to the Australian comedy scene”.

“…once you understand he was also a stand-up comic back home in Venezuela, you can truly appreciate his talent for keeping the funnies rolling in whatever language he chooses… Brilliant show”. ★★★★