Performing all over Australia with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Road show 2013.
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  • The Joke Teller

    The Joke Teller Joke telling is considered a tradition in Venezuela, is part of our culture. In every Venezuelan gathering (could be a birthday party or even a funeral) is…


    The open mic night in Caracas was starting to get very popular. Another guy had opened another open mic night on Tuesdays and people were talking about it. I was…


    I backpacked a couple of times before becoming an immigrant. The backpacking experience has helped me to ease the difficult task of migration. I don’t refer myself as an immigrant…

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  • Ivan's stand up comedy at our RSB Charity dinner was an absolute hit.. Most guests commented on how funny more
    David Dietrich
  • …Ivan's message is insightful and clever. He's very funny to observe, but you suddenly realise by the end of more
    Bill Marles
  • I have been fortunate enough to work and see Ivan perform on a number of occasions, it is rare more
    Jade Seskis, Director